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Avoiding the cost of excavation and concrete is always attractive. Helical pilings are the best alternative that fits the bill. Meeting all municipal regulations and all of your structural needs, Techno Metal Post of New Hampshire will make your addition go up quicker and is more cost effective.



Decks and porches are a wonderful place to let helical pilings shine. They offer a quick, clean and reliable start to your project. Their versatility will make any design a reality, and save you money in the process. Allow Techno Metal Post of New Hampshire to support your home improvement project.






After college, the only thing I knew was I wanted to build my own house.  I wanted to have my hands on every piece.  Therefore, I took a job with a local contractor who taught me the trade, and every carpenter I worked with left an impression on me.  My curiosity was my greatest asset, and it was important for me to ask “how” and more importantly “why things are done the way they are.”


My beginning years were spent collecting as much knowledge as possible, becoming an authority in as many aspects of carpentry as I could.  I began to form my own opinions on how things should be done, and what schools of thought were building traditions that had outlived their practicality.  This sort of confidence required understanding the old and studying the new, and then perpetuating the hybrid that produced the best results. 

Helical Pilings are a versatile solution for any sign installation. Techno Metal Post of New Hampshire can quickly install stable and adaptable helical pilings to get your sign project off the ground.


Techno Metal Post of New Hampshire is capable of repairing failed foundations. From old cement piers that have failed to entire cement foundations that have sunk, we can come up with solutions to get your home, deck or porch stable again.  

Foundation Repair

You want your home or cabin to be on a reliable foundation. Techno Metal Post of New Hampshire can install helical pilings that will support your home and take into account the bearing capacity of the soil, which most foundation systems do not consider. We can also reach locations that many large vehicles cannot. Let Techno Metal Posts support your new home.

Cabins & Homes

Techno Metal Post of New Hampshire offers the perfect solution for creating structures that allow travel through wet or environmentally sensitive areas. Our installation process has minimal environmental impact and can produce foundations in areas that would normally be inaccessible.  

Boardwalks & Footbridges
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